New From The Diabolical Genius Lab

Aug 2017 – Rian Craypo’s “The Banana of Life” is available. A specifically Herzberg/Kamins oriented approach to the science and art behind reed making for the bassoon. In the words of Rian’s dad, “I had no idea this was going to be so interesting!”

2016 - We’re looking forward to the release of Silver Tongue Silver Knife, by ContraNova. In the meantime check out ContraNova’s Infinity in All Directions, a concept album involving time travel orchestrated with bass clarinets, contrabassoon, vibraphone, hand claps and tambourine.

Oct 2013 - July came and went, but Tim Krcmarik’s book “The False Lark,” did not. It’s here now! Buy your autographed copy today and get free shipping.

2010 - We’ve released bassoonist Ben Kamins’s first CD. You may have heard a lot of music for bassoon but you haven’t heard these pieces for bassoon and piano played any better and you haven’t seen a bassoon CD any pinker.